18 May 2016 - 22 January 2017

Learning by doing

El Departamento de Didáctica del MAEF se caracteriza por su dinamismo y compromiso con las técnicas de enseñanza, y es una de las secciones que nos define, dentro de nuestro programa cultural.

The Department of Didacticals of the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera has always been characterised by its dynamism and commitment to teaching techniques, and it’s definitely a section that defines us in our cultural program.

With each of the events aimed at children, we always try to update and bring new contents to the interests of an audience that grows every year in various aspects and needs. It’s an active and participatory public which requires more and more new and varied activities, and even goes a step further demanding to adapt to their tastes and interests which are increasingly curious and specific. This is why we try every year to update and add new material and techniques that help us to strengthen the whole series of archaeological and historical knowledge which represent the real reason for all these activities.

This is the reason why many of our workshops and activities revolve around items that children can manipulate and feel were made in antiquity. Because it can be fun to color a picture that represents a mosaic, but much more educational and rewarding for them is to select their own tiles, adapt the design they want to perform in different categories (vitreous plaster, brittle, boulders, ceramics, etc.), cutting them, placing them, playing with colors and then setting them on a support and covering them with mortar to work with in a couple of mornings. A real mosaic made by themselves using traditional techniques to manufacture.

We tried to show all projects, small elements and artistic works, which are the result of years of work. Trying to find a different approach to our Museum collections, providing the possibility to the smaller to place facing each other with history and archeology from different prisms.
A museum, or at least this Museum, is not something closed or limited to the visits and to the traditional talks, this small exhibition is showing that imagination and desire to have fun can be applied to the guided tours, workshops, storytellers and outdoor activities. The new tools are more interactive and interdisciplinary. All this material has been made available to schools and families over the years and has been compiled by the own hands of the little artists.