Puig des Molins Museum


Accessibility is one of the main aims of Puig des Molins Monographic Museum. Although inside the museum all the facilities are completely accessible, since it is an open-air archaeological site, our outdoor facilities are still not 100% accessible for disabled people. To alleviate this problem, and within our possibilities, several hypogea in the close proximity of the museum have been prepared for those who cannot enter the Mule hypogea.

Our Didactics Department carries out guided tours, upon request, for physically or psychically disabled groups of people, adapted to their necessities. In addition, there are specific materials available that can enhance the visit, such as typological mock-ups and tactile duplicates of some pieces of our collection.

In order to make a reservation, contact us at least a week before, filling in one of our forms. We will confirm it in a maximum of three days.

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