A walk through the cemetery of the city of Ibiza in ancient times


5 rooms, hundreds of pieces, thousands of stories

Puig des Molins Monographic Museum permanent exhibition is an immersion in the site’s history through a set of pieces carefully selected from the archaeological collection. Visiting the five exhibition rooms, either before or after doing the necropolis tour, takes you back in time so you can learn about the societies that populated the island of Ibiza in ancient times. All of this from a certain perspective that, at first, may arouse some objections since we will address the subject of death directly.
You will be visiting a museum based on death, with an exhibit programme that deals with the different ways people understand and face this journey that no one else can do for us. Our sole intention is to present some especially selected objects so you can link this universe of beliefs, rituals and funerary behaviours from people in Ancient times to something tangible. We are not always able to fully understand the meaning of some of these objects which, without a doubt, reflect that our mentalities are not too far apart from one another despite the time gap.


Room 1

Eternity through Fire. Death in the Phoenician period (625-525 a.C.)

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Room 2

The trip to the Hereafter. Punic Funeral Rituals (525-25 a. C.)

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Room 3

The time of the funeral. The burials of the Punics (525-25 a.C)

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Room 4

Sit tibi terra levis. Death in Roman and late times (25 a.C.-600 d.C.)

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Room 5

Collecting and heritage. The collection Sainz de la Cuesta

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