Permanent Exhibition. Room 5

Private collections and heritage. “Sáinz de la Cuesta's” collection

Rafael Sáinz de la Cuesta (Madrid, 1896-1961), stock exchange agent, got to know Ibiza in 1931, since then becoming his family’s holiday place. Being a great enthusiast of archaeology, he started his collection with gifts from friends and purchases from peasants. In 1945, he increased his collection, buying an important set of pieces of the heirs of Juan Román y Calbet - the Ebusitan Archaeological Society’s late director and patron- who had ended up with a considerable collection from sponsoring several archaeological excavations. With this acquisition, Sáinz de la Cuesta was able to prevent this heritage from being sold outside the island. After his death, his wife, Socorro Fuertes, in agreement with all their sons, donated the collection to the State, so it could be exhibited in Ibiza, as it was her husband’s last wish.


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