Puig des Molins' Museum

Space requests

Puig des Molins' Monographic Museum has a conference hall with a capacity for 80 people, excellent acoustics and with audio-visual means.

This conference hall is available for cultural entities or citizen associations that request it. Bear in mind that we do not possess event planning staff, so any activity that is going to be organized, must allow a normal functioning of the other services from the institution, and rules and instructions from Ibiza and Formentera Archaeological Museum must always be followed. .

  • This request must be previously presented filling in the Museum’s request form, where the type of activity will be clearly stated. Requests will be authorized individually by the Museum director’s office..
  • Requests must be done at least 15 days before to ensure the institution's normal functioning. .
  • The use of this hall is limited to cultural or social events. Political or electoral events are excluded..
  • Petitioners must adapt to the Museum’s opening hours, as a norm. .
  • If there is any equipment the Museum must make available for this event, it must be requested in advance. Any other equipment needs will be the petitioner’s responsibility.

Puig des Molins' Monographic Museum space request document:

PDF|Space Request document PDF

Once completed, send to MAEF through comunicacio@maef.eu.


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