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The visits to Puig des Molins' necropolis from the programme of the Balearic Islands government “Viu la Cultura” aims to spread the knowledge about the funerary world (from Phoenician, Punic and Roman times), religious beliefs, funerary rituals and grave goods. It tries to improve the knowledge and the respect for the history and heritage of the Balearic Islands in an active and educational way.

Phoenician tour

This archaeological tour allows students to explore the material remains inherited from the Phoenician culture, both in museum halls and among those remains recovered in the necropolis. Cremation, graves excavated in the rock, urns, baetylus, small ceramic objects or jewels are the material evidence of a complex ritual that speaks for the first Phoenician inhabitants from the island of Ibiza.

Punic Tour

In the middle of the 5th century BC, Phoenician centres underwent deep changes, and, at this time, Carthage takes control of them all. Regarding the funerary aspect, there will be a change in rituals, an increase in the quantity and variety of grave goods, as well as a new type of tomb: the hypogeum.

Roman Tour

The romanization of the Punic inhabitants from Ibiza and the introduction of new customs and rituals will forever change the vision that the ancient users of the necropolis left us. This tour will analyse all these changes in detail, allowing students to connect with the last of the Punic world through the archaeological remains left by the Romans in the necropolis.
This tour is for students between 5 and 10 years old (for others, please ask for information).
Free activity, booking in advance.

Guided visit to Puig des Molins' Monographic Museum and site.

The visit to the necropolis is in two parts. First, there is an explanation about the site and the type of burials you can find there. Then, the exhibition halls are visited where you can see the grave goods left by other cultures. There are also some other complementary activities that help students absorb all this knowledge.
This activity is for students from 10 years on.
Free activity, booking in advance.
Oriented to school groups from primary, secondary and bachillerato, with a maximum of 20 people.

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