Blog for the little ones

Blog for the little ones

What happens when you are so drawn by History that you end up working in a Museum? And, what about when your job turns out to be just like a game? Or, when after having played again and again you realize you still feel like a child, and that children are the future?
Well, you just end up living every minute with the same intensity as when you were five years old and you wanted to travel to Egypt of the Pharaohs, to Imperial Rome or follow the steps to El Dorado. Looking back, you remember how you discovered what was hiding behind the walls of Troy or how you would fall asleep listening to the story of Odysseus trying to get back to Ithaca.
What if, apart from experiencing it, you discover that you can share it with a lot more people? Listen up! This means the same for people from 0 to 99 years old, because dreams, history, archaeology and legends are for all ages.
This is the luck both of us, Carmen and Helena, have. We can live, feel an enjoy intensely every minute of our job. In addition, we want to share all of it with you. Above all, we don’t want anything to be left out.
Because we like telling stories, painting, cutting, staging events an getting our hands dirty with clay. And we want you to join us in this journey, wherever you are. Live History with us.

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