Opening of the temporary exhibition: HOPE OF SYRIA PROJECT

18may19:0021:00Opening of the temporary exhibition: HOPE OF SYRIA PROJECT19:00 - 21:00 Via Romana, 31, Eivissa

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May 18 at 7pm, the MAEF invites you to the opening of the temporary exhibition: HOPE OF SYRIA PROJECT and we will enjoy the artists responsible for the exhibition, Martina Pozzi and Laura Jabbour.

As the title suggests, this project pays attention to an issue that is unfortunately still very current; the war in Syria and the destruction, not only of the population but also of its heritage.
However, its main aim is to send a message of deep HOPE and FAITH in the hard process of the REBIRTH of these places. Because there is always some place for optimism.
And just like flowers bloom amid the ruins and rubble, life resumes and fills these places again.
Artists Laura Jabbour and Martina Pozzi chose eight post-war scenes that showed badly bombed heritage sites, and they developed their work in two phases due the lockdown caused by Covid-19.

The first phase, carried out by Martina, is that of collage.
Cutting and pasting, she has worked on the black and white pictures, filling those urban places with vegetation, a symbol of hope, covering in green the grey mantle that war had left behind.
And she chose the yellow for the flowers that bloom amid the rubble and dust to represent the energy, the luminosity and the will to revive.

The second phase, carried out by Laura, is that of embroidery.
The six pieces were enriched with the word “hope” أﻣل (“amal”), embroidered with an earth coloured thread that symbolizes resilience, stability and durability over time.
The word hope in Arabic is embedded into each collage in a different way, only sharing the first letter, أ (“alif”), which is always located in the void of a destroyed architectural element.
This first letter differs from the rest of the word also because it is embroidered
following the so-called oriental ornamental style.

According to their authors, this project was born from the encounter of two creative souls and their desire to spread optimism in this world.

We are waiting for you!


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